All about the poet! ?>

All about the poet!

Alexis Pettway is young poet emerging from Bridgeport, CT

Alexis has been writing for most of her life. In first grade, the first book she ever made was titled, “A star is born”, was entered into the Young Authors competition in her city. That book won 2nd prize and Alexis continued to write 3 more books during her time in elementary school.
In 2002 Alexis, unknowingly, began her journey as a poet; writing the poem, “God’s work.” From then on, Alexis channeled all her emotions onto pen and paper. She calls poetry her therapy and Thanks God for such a beautiful outlet. She is also thankful for finding her gift and her passion early on in life.

Poetry has become her life and she enjoys every minute of the journey its taking her on. She especially enjoys inspiring and touching others with her words

In 2014, Alexis self published her first poetry book titled, “Journey Thru Love” which follows her emotions and feelings during a past relationship.

You can learn more about it here:

Alexis is currently working on her second poetry book and striving to become a full time author entrepreneur




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