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By Alexis Pettway

Wedding Season Chronicles

Wedding Planning Novel

Wedding Season Chronicles aims to enlighten and provide advice to those involved in wedding planning, especially the bride and groom.

Best Selling Author

Alexis Pettway

He first book she ever wrote which was titled, “A star is born”, was entered into the Young Authors competition in her city which won 2nd prize. Alexis continued to write four more books during her time a Roosevelt Elementary school.
In 2002 Alexis, unknowingly, began her journey as a poet; writing her first poem, “God’s work.”

Other Books

Journey Thru Love Part-1

The journey of falling in love is a road we all travel and discover the happiness, the pain, the countless emotions that unravel.

Journey Thru Love Part-2

Journey Thru love is the sequel to Journey Thru love where the words, the emotions, the stakes of love are at their highest.

Anthology of Overcomers: Ambition

Read inspiring stories of overcoming life’s obstacles from women and men of all walks of life. Be immersed into each story’s emotions through poetry. Be inspired. Be encouraged.


Thieves of the night

We constantly steal memories High off the nights spent in ecstasy We rob our minds and bodies of a life that isn’t reality I drift away with you into sweet bliss, caring for nothing more than the depths you’ll go, the depths of your kiss

Point of Desolation

I’ve come to this point of desolation with you, So lost from the path I began No hopes, no dreams; it’s completely empty and bare Filled with nothing but anguish and despair So lifeless and void of daylight, this place I’ve arrived at has no day, only night It’s meek and damp, everything that ever was has been wasted away It’s the last place I want to be yet I still stay here

Just Dreaming

I wanna write something epic Something timeless that will carry on through history. A set of words that’ll live on even after the death of me. I wanna write something that generations to come will continuously recite I wanna write words that entertain you by day and stir your emotions by night.

– Alexis Pettway


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