Journey Through Love

Journey Thru Love takes you on a Journey of emotions, love and hurt through a young girl's eyes. Take this journey with me as I explore and express the ups and downs of falling in love.

"In her book, Journey Thru Love author Alexis Pettway provides a well-written, honest and engaging examination of the emotional highs and lows that can be experienced once a romantic relationship has come to an end."

Writer, Poet, Author

he first book she ever wrote which was titled, “A star is born”, was entered into the Young Authors competition in her city which won 2nd prize. Alexis continued to write four more books during her time a Roosevelt Elementary school.
In 2002 Alexis, unknowingly, began her journey as a poet; writing her first poem, “God’s work.”

A few years ago, I said to myself I wanted to go to events catered to authors like author conferences and workshops,etc. Around that time I also started following a woman named Tieshena Davis. She is the owner of Purposely Publishing.

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fall in love with the book Journey Through Love

Funny thing about Love is that we rarely see it coming especially for the first time. It sidelines our hearts and re-positions our minds. The journey of falling in love is a road we all travel and discover the happiness, the pain, the countless emotions that unravel. Journey Thru Love takes you down my path of falling in love for the first time. As odd as the journey was, I hold it dear because it was mine. Peer deep into my sea of emotions in a time when I was drowning in love, not knowing if I’d ever see the surface above. So open your heart and your mind and travel this road with me. As I pour out my heart and soul for you to see. And in every line, every poem, my heart and soul is what you’ll see.