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Our Love


Limitless is love and all the joys that it brings
Distance, time, age and space. love is not bound by these things
Weakness does not define it so you won’t find it in the feeble minded
It is a pillar of never ending joy, never wavering strength and on this day we’ve put our hearts and lives behind it

That is Love, that is our love

I saw who you were way before you did
although our storyline I couldn’t see, how I felt in my heart for you was never hid

If distance should separate us even for a moment, to get back to you I’ll cross every ocean, valley and sea
If too much time lapses between us, just hold on and wait for me

If you wondering just know in old age my heart, for you will still beat the same
And if space is created between our bond just pull me closer to you and remember my last name

That is Love, that is our love

As we age so will our love and so far its aged beautifully
from butterflies of a crush, to the tingles of dating to this day, our day of holy matrimony

Surrounded by our family and friends yet all I can see,
All I can feel is the enormous amount of love emanating between you and me

Our journey began long ago and it will continue beyond this life

The smiles that will come in the days
I can’t count will be because I wake up to you every morning and fall asleep in your arms every night
That is love, that is our love

By Alexis Pettway

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