Get Your Bridal Party on the Same Page

Bringing a group of people together for your bridal party makes way to different personalities, schedules and life obligations, all of which can be difficult to manage, although not always. I’ve seen first hand as a past bridesmaid myself. One of the weddings I was in, a few of the bridesmaids pushed back on paying for the bridal shower, which definitely caused some friction. I’ve also had brides that have had great bridal parties with no issues.

With any bridal party, coordinating multiple schedules for dress and suit fittings, rehearsal, bachelor and bachelorette festivities can be stressful!

Set dates for these events as far in advance as you can. If you really want to be on top of the game, have the bridal party send over pre-arranged engagements that they currently know of and share with the maid of honor and best man, both of whom typically plan the bachelor/bachelorette festivities, with the bridal shower being an additional event for the bridesmaids.

Get an overview of everyone’s typical schedule to help you layout the best days and time for things such as fittings, creating favors,

Although it would be ideal for the entire bridal party to be at every event leading up to the wedding, realistically it may not happen. I was unable to attend the bridal shower for one of the weddings I was in because I already booked a trip before knowing what the date of the bridal shower was. I was there on wedding day which is THEE MOST important day of them all.

Your bridal party will consist of multiple personalities and sometimes this may be difficult to deal with. Your bridal party members may not agree on something. One person’s personality may clash with another’s. I’ve seen a few bridal parties where there were two members of the bridal party that clashed in the past and ended up clashing at some point in time leading up to the wedding day.

The best man and maid/matron of honor should be the designated people to ensure the bridal party is running smoothly, as far as everyone responding to communications, meeting deadlines and understanding what needs to be done.

One of the biggest things that can have bridal party members not on the same page is the financial obligations. In the book, Wedding Season Chronicles, we talk about laying out an overview of the financial obligations just to give the bridal party an estimated idea. It doesn’t have to be anything detailed, it would just be helpful to have some idea of what the financial may be. This will help make the bridal party more aware of what being apart of your wedding entails.

In life, even things you prepare for can be turned upside down by what life may throw at you. Here’s 5 things to help keep your bridal party on track:

  1. Schedule Periodic calls and or meetings with the best maid and maid/matron of honor. (Need help finding the right maid of honor check here.)
  2. Send bridal party updates via text, email or facebook messenger.
  3. Schedule periodic calls and or meetings with the bridal party if needed.
  4. Address any issues within the bridal party or with any particular member, directly and promptly.
  5. Practice patience and understanding with your bridal party as they should with you.

It’s nice to use those steps, as that special day must be unique, it doesn’t reverse when gone.

We got you covered, don’t miss any check this out!

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