I don’t know if I mentioned it but I LOVE psychology. I love the aspects of the mind, how they work and how they appear differently in everyone’s lives.
I’ve longed thought about the topic of the heart, mind and soul having connection with the psychology terms, ID, Ego and Super-Ego. 
*Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist, nor do I have a degree in psychology. I have a concentration in psychology which puts a measly 3 psych classes under my belt. The thoughts of this blog are purely my opinion and interpretation of this subject*

Before we get into it, Sigmund Freud, a man greatly studied in psychology, is best known for creation of psychoanalysis.
His theories from over a hundred years ago, are still explored and studied today.
Sigmund had the idea that one’s personality is split into three parts, consisting of the ego, super ego and id. (McLeodS.A(2016)Id ego and superego)
The Id, represents our natural impulses and uncontrolled wants. The Id wants immediate gratification with no regard to reason or ration. It is within our subconscious and holds our deepest and darkest desires. The Id wants only its desires satisfied, no matter the risk.
The ego develops to achieve the id’s desires in a safe and thought out manner. It is in touch with reality and strategies to achieve the id’s desires in a realistic way to avoid harm to the id or ego. It does not hold any morality when it comes to achieving the id’s desires. 
The superego is the  moral compass for the ego and Id.The superego is most in touch with reality and society.
The superego encompasses not only seeks realistic ways to achieve pleasure/satisfaction but encompasses our morals and values that have been instilled by family and society.
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Now that we have an idea of the three parts of personalty, what’s this crazy idea that I think they correlate or are in some form a mirror of the heart mind and soul?
You ever heard the phrase, “The heart wants, what the heart wants? It’s become a thing people say to justify wanting someone.
The phrase is a quote from one of Emily Dickerson’s letters to a friend, but one part of that quote is left out, The entire quote reads, ” The heart wants, what the heart wants-or else it does not care.” 
She also has a poem that begins with,”The heart asks pleasure first”
Sound familiar?
As I read these quotes and hear continuously hear, the heart wants what the heart wants I reflect on my own experiences with my heart and how after being hurt by something or someone, I would still crave them because at some point that same person gave my heart pleasure. It satisfied its desires. I never understood why. I soon put together this idea that the heart may be a mirror or some form of my id.  How many people do you see clinging to something or someone for that pleasure,all the while harming themselves or other people? Yes I know every situation is different and many other factors occur but, like I said its a theory, my theory that is.
Next, I believe the mind is a mirror of the ego.
Our minds finds ways and make plans to improve our lives such as building a career, passing tests in school, living a healthy lifestyle, or just living our life the way we want, so that we can feel pleasure and be happy. Being happy, having out desires fulfilled, pleases the us, or the id. 
The mind is realistic in finding ways to achieve this, just as the ego is.
Just to be clear, I am speaking of a normal, functioning mind here. I know all minds aren’t the same.
Just as the ego, the mind is also weak and can give into our instinctual and irrational desires, which most often leads to consequences.
The last piece of the puzzle is the soul. I believe this mirrors the super ego, holding our morals, values and spiritual beliefs. I believe our souls morally guide us. You ever hear someone say, something doesn’t sit right with them? Or they can feel it in their soul?
I believe our soul is our moral compass. Guiding us to do the right things when it comes to society and to ourselves. That true gratification for doing something morally right is a different kind of satisfaction, from that of pleasing our own desires without regard to anyone else.
This is truly an introduction to a very interesting discussion and is a very basic display of how and why I thought of this theory.
I would love to know your thoughts, and or personal experiences regarding this subject!!
Below is how my id, ego an super ego interact 😃😃😂😂