Writer, Poet, Author

Alexis Pettway is a poet and author from Bridgeport, CT

Alexis has been writing for most of her life. In first grade, the first book she ever wrote which was titled, “A star is born”, was entered into the Young Authors competition in her city which won 2nd prize. Alexis continued to write four more books during her time a Roosevelt Elementary school.
In 2002 Alexis, unknowingly, began her journey as a poet; writing her first poem, “God’s work.”  Since the initial writing of that first poem, Alexis has channeled her emotions onto paper. She refers to poetry “her therapy” and thanks God for a beautiful gift. She is also thankful for finding her gift and her passion early on in life.

Poetry has evolved into an important part of her life and she enjoys every minute of the journey its taking her on. She especially enjoys inspiring others and touching readers with her words.

In 2014, Alexis self published her first poetry book titled, “Journey Thru Love” which chronicles feelings of love and heartbreak. She published Journey thru Love part 2: Every journey has its end, in 2017.

In 2018, Alexis added three book credentials to her name, including being featured in CT’s Top 50 poets book, as well as “Ambition” a collective work of those who have overcame obstacles in life.

Alexis continues to write and help others achieve their dreams of being author.

Alexis’s poetry philosophy is,

“Without poetry, I wouldn’t be who I was, who I am and who I will be.”

Journey Thru, Love, Journey Thru Love part 2: every journey has its end, along with her  personalized poetry writing service can be found on the Shop page


When she’s not writing poetry, Alexis enjoys food,  studying psychology, spending time with family and friends, and traveling!

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