NO, there’s no utterly blank stare in these eyes

Only what’s left when stripped away are the perfections and lies

Beauty in its more purified state

Absolutely stunning outside its perceived hate

The absolution of my black is beautiful, a scene that society tries to forever mitigate

Yet, profound strength rests upon this face

The boldness of her beauty signifies her defiance against anything in her way

That look of courage she gives to tell US to live to fight another day

Although those eyes bear pain they reveal triumph and confidence all in the same.

That through trials and battles there is always something to gain.

No, she won’t be celebrated as timeless art, when are we ever?

With her big nose, big lips, big hair, I say the bigger the better.

She is what we are underneath the smile, underneath the past that we lock away.

She is the real behind who we really are and what we say

She is a reflection of our naked truth

Exposed, vulnerable but all the more beautiful.-AP