“Your Thoughts, My Word” is a personalized poetry writing service for all occasions!

Give a gift from the heart that is priceless and  meaningful!

let us take your thoughts and feelings and turn them into an unforgettable gift to your loved one.

Custom poems are great for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, anniversaries, company branding or simply if you want to tell someone special how you feel.

Our custom poems even bring light and love to unfortunate events such as funerals.

We aim to honor and cherish the thoughts and love of each person whom our poems are written for.

**Read a few snippets from a couple of poems written for clients. below**


ORDER your custom poem today and let us create something beautiful and timeless!



Pieces are all I can see

I feel the tears streaming non-stop because…..these are not pieces of shattered glass

These are pieces of a shattered me

Pieces of my heart, pieces of my mind and soul

All the things that have been chipped away

All the things that work together to make a person whole

These pieces hold stories…..

They tell stories of every brick thrown at me by life.

They contain the silent tears and desperate prayers made at night

These pieces reflect the heartbreak, the abuse, the mental breakdowns….The empty pockets, empty homes…

Dance– This is her soul! Anyone that knows her knows; when she brings her stylish heels to the dance floor, you know what that means a great time and A LOT of dancing

-Dancing feeds the soul


Faith– this goes without question. Her faith has remained through all of life’s trials and lessons.

The lord is her rock and she keeps him close. Her faith inspires her love and her life the most

-faith holds life together


To my cousin I love dearly, Happy Birthday Felicia and I wish you many many more sun filled days

In honor of your birthday, I will live to the fullest, love with my all, dance all night and most of all have faith.

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