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The Walking Dead ?>

The Walking Dead

Let me just start off by saying that this post is NOT about the tv show, the “Walking Dead” This post stemmed from a conversation a friend and I were having a couple of weeks ago.  We were talking about how we see so many people, whether it be family or people we grew up with, who are alive but not living. I blurted out the term, the walking dead. In the tv show, the walking dead are zombies. They are reanimated…

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Are your Heart, Mind and Soul your ID,Ego and Super-Ego? ?>

Are your Heart, Mind and Soul your ID,Ego and Super-Ego?

I don’t know if I mentioned it but I LOVE psychology. I love the aspects of the mind, how they work and how they appear differently in everyone’s lives. I’ve longed thought about the topic of the heart, mind and soul having connection with the psychology terms, ID, Ego and Super-Ego.  *Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist, nor do I have a degree in psychology. I have a concentration in psychology which puts a measly 3 psych classes under my belt. The…

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Introduction of self ?>

Introduction of self

Since this is my first official post on blogger, I thought I’d introduce myself.My name is Alexis Pettway. I was born and raised in Bridgeport, CTBy profession I was a cafe supervisor. I graduated Johnson & Wales univ with degrees in Culinary arts and Food-service management. I am now a pension service admin. Crazy switch right? Being at my last place of employment drained my desire to be in the food industry. Although I am still a part time banquet…

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Art Meets Art for a Poetic release ?>

Art Meets Art for a Poetic release

A few months ago I released my second book, Journey Thru Love, online. Next week,  I am hosting a official release celebration! I am so excited to present ART meets ART for my book release!ART meets ART is a the collaboration of poetry and art It will be a night showcasing the art of local artists along with Journey Thru Love part 2 I will be reading 4 poems from Journey Thru love as well as highlighting the portraits inspired…

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The Butterfly effect ?>

The Butterfly effect

We as humans, especially women tend to always see the butterfly while someone is still a caterpillar. The problem with that is, we may not be meant to be in that person’s life to see when they actually become a butterfly While it’s ok to acknowledge someone’s potential, it should not be the basis behind staying in someone’s life longer than we are meant to be. Seeing the possibility of potential should not be a foundation for any kind of…

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3 reasons why you should tell YOUR story ?>

3 reasons why you should tell YOUR story

I completely understand that no everyone wants to be an author, a legendary writer or want to be any kind of famous. That’s perfectly fine. I also believe that in some way shape or form you should tell your story. Many people never get a chance to tell their story and when they die, their story is told by friends, family, co-workers, enemies and everybody else. The details and memories shared about them are just fragments of their entire story….

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The Black Mona Lisa ?>

The Black Mona Lisa

NO, there’s no utterly blank stare in these eyes Only what’s left when stripped away are the perfections and lies Beauty in its more purified state Absolutely stunning outside its perceived hate The absolution of my black is beautiful, a scene that society tries to forever mitigate Yet, profound strength rests upon this face The boldness of her beauty signifies her defiance against anything in her way That look of courage she gives to tell US to live to fight…

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Words of encouragment ?>

Words of encouragment

We were here since the ships arrived; Surviving the whips and chains wiping the blood and sweat from our eyes We were here in the darkest times singing our negro hymns… Praying to our God, who is the same God today, to deliver us from our masters sins We were here when the constitution considered us 3/5 ths of a person We are still here knowing america has never corrected that conversion. We were here when the dogs were let…

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Reliving the same story, different scenario ?>

Reliving the same story, different scenario

It seems as though the black community relives the same tragic story over and over with no end in sight, beginning with Emmit Till and currently Alton Sterling And philando Castile along with many other countless killings of black boys and men. Some come by the hands others in our communities and MOST by those sworn in to serve and protect us. Imagine being a character in a video game such a Grand theft Auto. You start the game at…

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