3 reasons why you should tell YOUR story

3 reasons why you should tell YOUR story

I completely understand that no everyone wants to be an author, a legendary writer or want to be any kind of famous. That’s perfectly fine. I also believe that in some way shape or form you should tell your story.

Many people never get a chance to tell their story and when they die, their story is told by friends, family, co-workers, enemies and everybody else. The details and memories shared about them are just fragments of their entire story. The world and people that needed to hear their story will never get to learn their story in its entirety. I love how many people in history kept journals so when we study them, we get their story in their own words. We get their thoughts and their feelings even though they are no longer with us.

Below I explain 3 reasons why you should tell your story:

1.you are the only person capable of telling your story

Only you have lived your story.

There is no one on earth who can effectively tell your story in its entirety.

Only you have lived through every second of your life.  Only you have felt the heartbreak, the depression, the anxiety, the brokenness. Only you have felt the butterflies, the joy, the love, the cherished moments. Others may have experienced your story alongside you but none have experienced your life, your story as you. Not your parents, your friends, your co-workers or enemies can tell your story.

You alone have lived through long nights and days of feeling like you are in hell or couldn’t make it

You have to tell your story because no one else can tell your truth, your thoughts, your feelings.

No one can express or interpret your experiences like you can

Your story is special and unique and can only be told, truthfully and entirely, through your words and your voice.

love speaking

  1. Don’t let someone else tell your story

I think we should never give anyone else the opportunity to tell our stories in their own words.

Your story should be told in your own words by you so that nothing can be corrupted and people will not be mis-informed about who you are and what you have lived through.

Giving someone the chance to tell your story from their point of view or their opinion is the equivalent of giving someone the paintbrush to paint the image of you they that wish.

One might paint a pretty good picture of you BUT it will not be as accurate as the picture you paint of yourself.

Others may try to paint a negative inaccurate image of you and your life but it will not stand in the story you tell about your life

Don’t give anyone the power to make up their own version of your story.

People will add in and leave out aspects of your story to paint a certain image of you.

Don’t allow it.

Give no man or woman such power to tell the world what you’ve lived, what you’ve said or done, what you’ve experienced and where you’ve been.

Don’t allow your truth to be misconstrued.


  1. Somebody needs to hear your story

I believe our stories aren’t just something for us to know. Somebody somewhere out there needs to hear YOUR story. Your specific story is needed by someone in the world. No matter how simple, complicated or horrific your story may be, someone is desperately waiting to hear it.

We are usually unaware of the power our stories hold. We often down-play them as being nothing special or important, yet to someone out there, your story is just what they need to hear. Your story can give them hope, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and healing. Your story will let them know that they aren’t the only one. Your story will let them know that they will survive, they will overcome.

Many people aren’t here on earth to tell their story nor did they get a chance to while they were alive.

Their stories will never be heard or told by them but by others, piecing bits and details together to tell their story.

There is unknown power and revelation within, not only, telling your story but sharing it as much as you can with others.

Your story has many capabilities for those that hear it or read it.

You never know who you will touch when you share your story.

You never know who you are not helping by not telling your story.

I believe each of our stories is for someone else to hear, whether its thousands of people or one. I believe we, in this life, are charged with sharing our stories to help someone else, to deliver or heal someone else.

your stories may spark something in someone that never would have been sparked without hearing your story.

your story may be an awakening or turning point in someone’s life.

The possibilities are endless only when we begin to write or open or mouths to share our challenges, victories, losses and our achievements.

Someone is waiting for your story.ears2



The Black Mona Lisa

NO, there’s no utterly blank stare in these eyes

Only what’s left when stripped away are the perfections and lies

Beauty in its more purified state

Absolutely stunning outside its perceived hate

The absolution of my black is beautiful, a scene that society tries to forever mitigate

Yet, profound strength rests upon this face

The boldness of her beauty signifies her defiance against anything in her way

That look of courage she gives to tell US to live to fight another day

Although those eyes bear pain they reveal triumph and confidence all in the same.

That through trials and battles there is always something to gain.

No, she won’t be celebrated as timeless art, when are we ever?

With her big nose, big lips, big hair, I say the bigger the better.

She is what we are underneath the smile, underneath the past that we lock away.

She is the real behind who we really are and what we say

She is a reflection of our naked truth

Exposed, vulnerable but all the more beautiful.-AP

Words of encouragment

We were here since the ships arrived; Surviving the whips and chains wiping the blood and sweat from our eyes
We were here in the darkest times singing our negro hymns…

Praying to our God, who is the same God today, to deliver us from our masters sins

We were here when the constitution considered us 3/5 ths of a person

We are still here knowing america has never corrected that conversion.

We were here when the dogs were let loose, when the water hoses were set on scorching degrees and the main death sentence was a noose. All in the name of getting the rights that the law already decreed. The rights that everyone else bad but we.
We were here when Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Malcolm x, Harriet Tubman and countless others gave us a unshakable hope
Letting it be known to our enemies, our oppressors, those filled with hate,                                                that we would not, could not be BROKE
We are here fighting the same fight as those before us have and We have to keep fighting and make an example for the next generation to grab.
We were here when our homes, businesses and families were destroyed
As they took our physical chains off while they left our mental ones on.
BUT we are STILL here, We are black, we are resilient, we will not be broken, because WE are

Reliving the same story, different scenario

Reliving the same story, different scenario

It seems as though the black community relives the same tragic story over and over with no end in sight, beginning with Emmit Till and currently Alton Sterling And philando Castile along with many other countless killings of black boys and men.

Some come by the hands others in our communities and MOST by those sworn in to serve and protect us.

Imagine being a character in a video game such a Grand theft Auto. You start the game at your house. You go out and try to complete whatever mission you are assigned but you do something incorrectly so you are killed. The game refreshes and you are back at your home with another life. You go out and try again but you are killed and you soon see that any and everything you try to do gets you killed.

This is a sad reality for black men in America. Not doing something or doing something slightly incorrectly involving the police, most times leads to death, hashtag and no punishment of those involved


A close friend of mines, Shaquita Wright paints this painful relapsing scenario in a poem:

Every morning as I shower I realize I wash and I scrub my skin, my BLACK SKIN, until I feel like I’m clean and refreshed. My blackness is still there. As I go out into the night to the corner store, to buy my skittles and Arizona iced tea, I’m stopped by a neighbor watch guard because of my BLACK SKIN being seen as a threat and ruthlessly, my life is taken away from me. I AM TRAYVON MARTIN. Do over. Next morning, I shower and continue scrubbing at my BLACK SKIN. I come out the shower, I’m still BLACK. I am now an unarmed teenager with my hands in the air as a cop guns me down. I AM MICHAEL BROWN. Do over. Shower, scrubs BLACK SKIN, step out, I’m still black. I’m now in the playground, innocently playing with a toy gun until a cop shows up and feels threatened and takes my life away. I AM TAMIR RICE. Do over. Shower, scrubs BLACK SKIN ever harder, step out and all it does is give my BLACK SKIN a shinier glow. Present day. I’m standing outside a convenience store selling CDs until approached by two officers and after wrestling me to the ground and having me in their full restraint, I’m shot dead. I AM ALTON STERLING. Do over. Shower, scrubs BLACK SKIN ever harder, step out and glow. Traffic stop by an officer, I reach for my license and registration, while warning the cops I have a firearm so that he’s aware but still complying to get my license and I get shot 4 times by the officer. I’m dead. I AM PHILANDO CASTILE. Do over. Tirelessly showering because no matter how much I scrub, my BLACK SKIN will still glow as a threat. Tired. Exhausted. Worn. I’m still black and I can’t change it. But why should I have to change it? Why am I a threat? How many do overs do we need before we rise up?!


Don’t be a crackhead

Don’t be a crackhead

The title is Quirky I know but you will see my point when I explain it.

The term crackhead refers to someone who is addicted to crack/cocaine.

This person cannot shake the addiction of the drug
Even though the drug is killing them slowly and hurting all those who care for the person.
The person knows this drug is deadly and that it is ruining their health as well as their lives, yet they still do anything and everything to chase the high it gives them.

That high trumps everything else that should or did matter to this person.

That high becomes the epitome of their existence, their sole objective
I compare this same scenario to us that are not addicted to drugs but addicted to other hurtful aspects in life, such as poor relationships, hurtful people, etc
For example, you are in love with this person. They give you a high and a Joy like no other.

Its euphoric to be in their presence. At the same time this person repeatedly hurts you.

Takes you to a different type of low every time. You hate to feel the pain that comes from their poor decisions. You wonder why they do this to you

BUT you stay or you leave and come right back, to chase that high because that’s what matters
that high, not the comfort, not the trust but the high they give you. You sacrifice pieces of yourself to get that high.
You tolerate what shouldn’t be tolerated just for that high.
A bad friendship, a bad relationship, a situationship, a high paying job that you hate can all be examples of us chasing a high.
Losing ourselves, hurting ourselves, hurting others just to chase a high.
If you have been or are in any of these situations, next time you see a “crackhead” ask yourself how different are you from them?
The hurt you have self inflicted, based on decisions, may not shine as bright as theirs but at some point in life we all chase a high that we shouldn’t chase and we get stuck in a cycle of chasing it

We all chase a high we have to recover from we all face the decision of complete destruction
to keep hold to the high.

We get addicted to the joy, the pleasure. Sometimes we get addicted to the pain and end up chasing that in multiple aspects in life.

Unfortunately stopping the chase from a drug or alcohol addiction is 100000 times worst.
A drug addict and a person staying in a bad or abusive situation is the same concept different method

So dont be a crackhead. If that high is the same high that breaks you down, let it go.

Dont chase it, it will only destroy you in the end

By Alexis Pettway