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Poems by Alexis Pettway

The poetry I share on this page reflect my thoughts, emotions and life experiences.  All poems are original works written by me.

The Poems are sure spark a thought, a memory or some thought provoking emotion within you.  

My famous phrase is, “I write for my therapy and share it for the enlightenment and therapy of others.”

For over 15 years, I’ve been writing and poetry has become my passion, my purpose and my gift.

To be able to share my gift is beyond humbling!

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Emotional Shut-down ?>

Emotional Shut-down

Out of service!! Screams the department of emotions We are closed indefinitely!! Our owner said we were keeping her from thinking intelligently Sorry we have been shut down Permanently exiled to the far outer parts of town Our owner said our department was no longer important, our relevancy had depleted. She told us pack up all of your stuff and make sure every file is deleted. This department no longer exists. We jobless out this bitch! We were too chaotic…

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Girl Interrupted ?>

Girl Interrupted

They always come at the least expected time, when everything’s calm, when I’m doing just fine   Then out of nowhere they creep up slowly without warning or sign   Before I know, their all rushing in, as I’m thinking to myself, NOT AGAIN   Next thing I know hell breaks loose within. I’m fighting another war I’m not sure I can win   No longer dormant, my world is turned upside down Constantly I’m going from a frown to…

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Icarus ?>


So bright and glowing, I’ve dreamt about you my whole life Close my eyes and envisioned how you’d feel every night I’ve felt your warmth from far away but I long to be close to you So bad that I’ll do whatever it takes to do time passes by and I perfect he idea of getting close to you as I psychically can Do what has not been done been done by any other man As I get closer to…

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Live in the Moment ?>

Live in the Moment

What happens after the moment? When it’s done and a thing in the past? Are you glad that you came out with a story or upset because it didn’t last? What happens after the moment? Did you long for it to be more than a moment? Did you want that moment to create a series of endless moments? What happens after the moment? When the noise ceases and its quiet? Are you at peace or does it kill you to…

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I am Love ?>

I am Love

  Snippet from my youtube page: I am used and abused and mis-represented, I’m confused with infatuation and blamed for hearts dented. I am said but not meant, people try to build me on sand rather than cement I am not understood because I am often lost in the sea of misinterpretations pushed to the back of the mind in the midst of giving into temptation I am spoken as leisurely as if I’m the word hi and even…

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confession of Love ?>

confession of Love

I wanna tell you how you make every nerve in my body come alive I wanna show you how you are the means for my heart to survive I WISH I could describe the beauty that emanates from your soul and reflects through my eyes or the joy that consumes me, knowing you’re mine I can try to explain the happiness you add to my life How you are the first thought at sunrise and the last thought a night…

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Thieves of the night ?>

Thieves of the night

We constantly steal memories High off the nights spent in ecstasy We rob our minds and bodies of a life that isn’t reality I drift away with you into sweet bliss, caring for nothing more than the depths you’ll go, the depths of your kiss There was a time I thought these memories were ours to keep They brought comfort and hope as I lay in your arms fast asleep I never realized that these memories were for an “US” we’d…

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Point of Desolation ?>

Point of Desolation

I’ve come to this point of desolation with you So lost from the path I began, I don’t know what to do No hopes, no dreams; it’s completely empty and bare Filled with nothing but anguish and despair So lifeless and void of day light, this place I’ve arrived at has no day, only night It’s meek and damp, everything that ever was has been wasted away It’s the last place I want to be yet I still stay here…

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Just Dreaming ?>

Just Dreaming

I wanna write something epic Something timeless that will carry on through history. A set of words that’ll live on even after the death of me. I wanna write something that generations to come will continuously recite I wanna write words that entertain you by day and stir your emotions by night. I wanna write something that’ll touch the core of your soul and reach the depths your heart Fill the corners of your mind, that which I should call…

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