I wanna tell you how you make every nerve in my body come alive
I wanna show you how you are the means for my heart to survive

I WISH I could describe the beauty that emanates from your soul
and reflects through my eyes or the joy that consumes me, knowing you’re mine
I can try to explain the happiness you add to my life
How you are the first thought at sunrise and the last thought a night

I wanna tell you that the universe isn’t large enough to hold the love I have for you;
that,that love exists in everything I say and everything I do
I wanna attempt to explain the electricity that runs through me
at the mention of your name, how the highs you take me on are never the same

I wanna tell you that the sun and moon fail in comparison to your light
I wanna tel you that for you, I’ll always fight

I wanna explain how you bring something out of me, something I never knew to be real
I wonder if these words can even slightly explain how I feel

I wanna tell you how the love you give is timeless; that when I’m with you, no time exists

I wanna shout it from the mountain tops and let all of heaven and earth know this to be true.

With every heartbeat, every smile, from the depths of my soul, I LOVE YOU

By Alexis Pettway