The title is Quirky I know but you will see my point when I explain it.

The term crackhead refers to someone who is addicted to crack/cocaine.

This person cannot shake the addiction of the drug
Even though the drug is killing them slowly and hurting all those who care for the person.
The person knows this drug is deadly and that it is ruining their health as well as their lives, yet they still do anything and everything to chase the high it gives them.

That high trumps everything else that should or did matter to this person.

That high becomes the epitome of their existence, their sole objective
I compare this same scenario to us that are not addicted to drugs but addicted to other hurtful aspects in life, such as poor relationships, hurtful people, etc
For example, you are in love with this person. They give you a high and a Joy like no other.

Its euphoric to be in their presence. At the same time this person repeatedly hurts you.

Takes you to a different type of low every time. You hate to feel the pain that comes from their poor decisions. You wonder why they do this to you

BUT you stay or you leave and come right back, to chase that high because that’s what matters
that high, not the comfort, not the trust but the high they give you. You sacrifice pieces of yourself to get that high.
You tolerate what shouldn’t be tolerated just for that high.
A bad friendship, a bad relationship, a situationship, a high paying job that you hate can all be examples of us chasing a high.
Losing ourselves, hurting ourselves, hurting others just to chase a high.
If you have been or are in any of these situations, next time you see a “crackhead” ask yourself how different are you from them?
The hurt you have self inflicted, based on decisions, may not shine as bright as theirs but at some point in life we all chase a high that we shouldn’t chase and we get stuck in a cycle of chasing it

We all chase a high we have to recover from we all face the decision of complete destruction
to keep hold to the high.

We get addicted to the joy, the pleasure. Sometimes we get addicted to the pain and end up chasing that in multiple aspects in life.

Unfortunately stopping the chase from a drug or alcohol addiction is 100000 times worst.
A drug addict and a person staying in a bad or abusive situation is the same concept different method

So dont be a crackhead. If that high is the same high that breaks you down, let it go.

Dont chase it, it will only destroy you in the end

By Alexis Pettway