Out of service!!
Screams the department of emotions
We are closed indefinitely!!
Our owner said we were keeping her from thinking intelligently
Sorry we have been shut down
Permanently exiled to the far outer parts of town
Our owner said our department was no longer important, our relevancy had depleted. She told us pack up all of your stuff and make sure every file is deleted.

This department no longer exists. We jobless out this bitch!
We were too chaotic and worked on the wrong projects for too long.                                                      We didn’t bring results so we had to get gone
We are no longer servicing signals from the heart to the brain.

Our owner described as a monster she couldn’t tame
So she blocked us from every entrance pulled the blinds down on every window shut off all the lights she said this partnership was something she could no longer continue.
So here we are with no purpose, in a state of being invalid tossed out in the street just like a bad habit
On the outside looking in wondering when she’s gonna give us our jobs back when she’s gonna give in.

I suppose we’ll be here dormant in a deep slumber until then