We were here since the ships arrived; Surviving the whips and chains wiping the blood and sweat from our eyes
We were here in the darkest times singing our negro hymns…

Praying to our God, who is the same God today, to deliver us from our masters sins

We were here when the constitution considered us 3/5 ths of a person

We are still here knowing america has never corrected that conversion.

We were here when the dogs were let loose, when the water hoses were set on scorching degrees and the main death sentence was a noose. All in the name of getting the rights that the law already decreed. The rights that everyone else bad but we.
We were here when Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Malcolm x, Harriet Tubman and countless others gave us a unshakable hope
Letting it be known to our enemies, our oppressors, those filled with hate,                                                that we would not, could not be BROKE
We are here fighting the same fight as those before us have and We have to keep fighting and make an example for the next generation to grab.
We were here when our homes, businesses and families were destroyed
As they took our physical chains off while they left our mental ones on.
BUT we are STILL here, We are black, we are resilient, we will not be broken, because WE are