Snippet from my youtube page:

I am used and abused and mis-represented, I’m confused with infatuation and blamed for hearts dented.
I am said but not meant, people try to build me on sand rather than cement
I am not understood because I am often lost in the sea of misinterpretations pushed to the back of the mind in the midst of giving into temptation
I am spoken as leisurely as if I’m the word hi and even though I’m given up on, I never die.
When I’m real, I’m denied because I’m too good too be true, Excuse me I’m always real just waiting too be found and or recognized by you.
I am only to be weathered by the strong because I am hard work to reach, but am achievable and for many the journey’s too long.
Iam  not out to hurt but many people get hurt on the road of trying to find the real me, blinded by lust and overcome wit deciet
I feel like I’m n jail and an impersonation is roaming free, giving away only imitation and slandering the good name of me
My only voices are those few who’ve found me only not to be heard over the majority who have not, many of whom have been hurt and doors to their hearts have been locked.
It hurts me to see their pain and curse me for it and for a long time, I’ve hid n da shadows and bore it. But I’m tired of taking the blame, I wanna show the world that the journey to me is not in vain, that behind that closed door there’s no existence of pain; and YES I really do exist, Im far from a myth and once you’ve found that one you’ll be swallowed n my bliss
I am strong, harder to break than stone, I am something you can have forever, I am yours to own
I am deeper than the deepest sea, in your conscious and subconscious lies the drive of me
I am everything that can make you smile and can be felt by every man women and child
I am beautiful because I can overcome so much, I’ll still be felt even when you feel you’ve had enough.
For me, you can do the oddest things only because I’m the realest joy for human beings
For me you’ll cry some might even wish to die, I am the hardest thing to give up, especially when saying goodbye.
I am the best gift ever given, compassionate, unconditional and forgiving.
I am an emotion of sacrafice, a way of life and I will not hurt, whereas infatuation might
I was here before you and will be here after, I bring about knowledge, happiness, joy and laughter
I was born way beyond the clouds above, If you don’t already know

Hello I am Love