So bright and glowing, I’ve dreamt about you my whole life

Close my eyes and envisioned how you’d feel every night

I’ve felt your warmth from far away but I long to be close to you

So bad that I’ll do whatever it takes to do time passes by and I perfect he idea of getting close to you as I psychically can

Do what has not been done been done by any other man

As I get closer to you, I’m lost in your beauty

Mesmerized by your shine, unaware of the harm you pose

I reach for you and at the same time I feel myself descend

Reaching desperately now, thinking this can’t be the end .

Falling aimsessly now not caring what happens to me.

Only smiling because for a short time I got a bask in your ever glowing glory

You melted my heart and also my wings and that moment was short lived, it stings.

The thing I longed for most was my very own demise but I only saw with my heart and not my eyes

Still falling, falling fast now

I land in the sea still staring up at my love in the sky as this becomes the eternal resting place for I.


By Alexis Pettway

“Sometimes the things we want the most bring us our deepest pain”AP