A few years ago, I said to myself I wanted to go to events catered to authors like author conferences and workshops,etc.
Around that time I also started following a woman named Tieshena Davis. She is the owner of Purposely Publishing.

About two years ago I saw that she hosts this annual awards for Authors. I kept seeing pictures from the events and decided I wanted to make one the events.

This year I made it happen and signed up for vending at this year’s event in the Baltimore Harbor. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to see and meet authors.

Let me tell yall, I don’t get out that often but when I got to the event and I knew a few other authors that were there, it definitely warmed my heart to be in Baltimore and to run into fellow authors I’ve met a various past events. It was amazing! I didn’t think i was going to know anyone there besides m friend Damont, who went on to win poet of the year!

Also, I didn’t realize that the guest host was none other than Kim Coles, from living single.
Let me say she looks exactly the same and she is super sweet! I really enjoyed meeting her.

The vendor spot I purchased was in a different room from the actual event but I watched most of the awards ceremony. It was amazing to see so many authors gathered and to listen to their award speeches.

it was also awesome to finally meet Tieshena Davis after following her on Facebook for so long.
 She is super passionate about publishing and helping other authors reach their potential.

I will definitely be attending this event next year!I also need to visit Baltimore again to explore more of the harbor!