I wanna write something epic

Something timeless that will carry on through history.

A set of words that’ll live on even after the death of me.

I wanna write something that generations to come will continuously recite

I wanna write words that entertain you by day and stir your emotions by night.

I wanna write something that’ll touch the core of your soul and reach the depths your heart

Fill the corners of your mind, that which I should call limitless art

I wanna write something all the nations will talk about. Something that scholars won’t bare to teach without, words that’ll give life to any poet during a poetic drought.

I wanna create a page or two of ageless words that’ll stand the tests of time, that’ll hold my heart and soul in every word in every line.

I wanna write something that’ll create an insatiable desire for more, words that, for my heart and mind, will lead the way and open the door

I wanna write words that will wisp your mind to another place, take you to another world and have your thoughts and feelings in a different space

I wanna write something that will carry my name through the centuries so that by the millions they’ll know, that poetry is my essence my very energy, my-self complete

The masses will know that this is me.