As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, brides all over are being affected in a different way than others. Weddings and wedding planning have either been postponed, cancelled until future notice or plans have just been halted altogether. As a destination wedding travel adviser, this is all too real for myself as well.

Wedding planning can be stressful enough and adding this on top of it, adds extra mental and emotional stress.To aid in easing some of this stress and and providing some relief, here is a quick guide to navigating wedding planning during these trying times

1.  Talk to your finance. Get a plan in place of what you both decide on. Decide based on what is best for you both.

2. Speak with your vendors, and venue(s). Although everyone is affected, businesses, well good businesses are displaying compassion, and flexibility with wedding postponements. These should be your first point of contact to evaluate and reschedule things.

3. Communicate with your guests. This is where a wedding planner or travel adviser would be handy. Guests will be asking you many questions, so its good to reach out to them as a whole before they all start reaching out to you individually

4.  If you’re wedding is a couple of months from now, look at the possibility of a rain date. Although we hope for life to be back to normal in a few months, we just don’t know. Having a tentative postponement date already lined up, can ease some stress of having to postpone it.  

5. If you have to cancel to regroup from personal loss, or rescheduling issues. It is OK! Again, everyone is going through this together and will be understandable.

6. Take a self-care day to to get your thoughts and emotions together. Making changes and postponing one of the most important days in your life, can take a toll on you. It’s important to rejuvenate yourself and take care of mental and emotional health at this time.

7. If your wedding is late 2020 or next year, if you can, still move through planning as much as possible. You’ll want to get as much locked in as possible.

8. Speak to your bridal party so they are prepared for updated information/changes so that they can make any necessary adjustments in their lives.

9. Finally, if you’ve been directly affected by the virus whether its financially or physically, just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Cherish the love you have in these times and know your special day will happen at the end of this tunnel!


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