I’ve come to this point of desolation with you

So lost from the path I began, I don’t know what to do

No hopes, no dreams; it’s completely empty and bare

Filled with nothing but anguish and despair

So lifeless and void of day light, this place I’ve arrived at has no day, only night

It’s meek and damp, everything that ever was has been wasted away

It’s the last place I want to be yet I still stay here

Nothing that exerts energy or breathes; no animal or person remains, not even trees or leaves

And the silence through the silent movies of memories, stings like a swarm of bees

I close my eyes and open them to see this space consumed by darkness

I can’t see right in front of me, not even behind, where lies your lifeless memory

It’s barren yet here are my thoughts trying to remembering the light of you and thinking

How they’ve traveled to this God forsaken place where everything resembling love, hope, happiness has been laid to waste

All that’s left are the withering pieces of what was in the past

If I squint my eyes real hard I can still see a glimpse of the beauty amidst the devastation that’s so vast

But only for a moment because I’ve been here so long,

I’ve embraced the emptiness, realizing that the beauty of this place is gone

Sorrow have overtaken this place and with no hope of salvation, I embrace it

I, like everything else, succumb to this point of desolation.