Sometimes we need saving from ourselves.
Its extremely hard to admit it, but sometimes we are the villain of our own story.
Its easier to blame everyone else though,  to point the finger outwards.
Its a natural reaction when we refuse to look within. When we choose to remain in denial because we don’t want to go there. 
We don’t want to believe we can be mentally and emotionally harmful to ourselves.
We don’t want to admit we our, our own antagonist at times.
Sometimes we need saving from ourselves. The world around us reacts to what we put out. We get angry when we see the reaction to fail to look at the cause.
Sometimes we need saving from ourselves,  most times we don’t realize it. Looking within for the issue is the last thing on our list because in our minds it must be someone else to cause our mess.
Sometimes I need saving from myself its ok to admit.

Alexis Pettway