We as humans, especially women tend to always see the butterfly while someone is still a caterpillar.

The problem with that is, we may not be meant to be in that person’s life to see when they actually become a butterfly
While it’s ok to acknowledge someone’s potential, it should not be the basis behind staying in someone’s life longer than we are meant to be.
Seeing the possibility of potential should not be a foundation for any kind of relationship.

Potential, and actions need to be present at once.
Someone may never reach the potential we see in them and then we’ve wasted valuable time investing in potential that is never fully birthed.
At some point we have to realize that we may not be the cocoon this person needs to nestle in to become the butterfly.
We often like to believe that if we try really hard that person will bloom and become the person we admire in the sight of potential
We hold on to that belief dearly as women

When those feelings are awakened we are determined to make the caterpillar fly.

We get sight of that potential and run with it. We stay with that idea of potential even when there’s no progression, even when the potential is no-where to be seen in reality

We hold tight to that potential even when things go from bad to worst.

We have to realize that sometimes a caterpillar won’t become a butterfly just because we want it to or even when we want it to.

Sometimes the caterpillar will become a butterfly is someone’s life, not yours.

Recognizing that is essential to your time, your emotions, your life but that is an entire post in itself.

Don’t get caught up in the butterfly effect, see the caterpillar for what it is, just a caterpillar, not a butterfly to be.






Image source: http://www.globoforce.com/gfblog/2013/the-butterfly-effect-of-recognition-what-we-can-learn-from-chaos-theory/