Let me just start off by saying that this post is NOT about the tv show, the “Walking Dead”

This post stemmed from a conversation a friend and I were having a couple of weeks ago.  We were talking about how we see so many people, whether it be family or people we grew up with, who are alive but not living. I blurted out the term, the walking dead.

In the tv show, the walking dead are zombies. They are reanimated corpses due to some virus or bite. The have some physical mobility and crave 

As an entrepreneur, I struggle, I have wins and losses within myself and my business, but at the end of the day, I know I’m working for something I’m passionate about, something that makes me happy, something that will better my future. Something that gives me more out of life.
So when I see people just going through the motions, not pushing or striving for anything it pains me.
It pains me to see people who haven’t found their passion or who don’t have the ambition, confidence or motivation to pursue their goals, and or dreams; whether it be a certain career, business ownership or health goals.

This happens for a million different reasons, too many to go into details about. I’ll just stick to my point.

I used to work at Sikorsky, a company that builds the black hawk helicopters for the U.S. military.
Some of the top executives I would encounter would seem so miserable, bitter and just mean.
I’d always ask myself how could these people seem to be so miserable when their making a lot of money?
Is it the pressure? The stress? Or is it that their current career wasn’t what their passion was but it is where the money is.

I heard a successful real estate mogul, Roberta Hoskie, once say ” Where your passion is, your prosperity will follow.”

I believe that to be true.  I’ve read countless stories about lawyers, accountants, people making a lot of money, leave these stable and prosperous positions in companies to pursue their passion.

Side note, I feel that when you know your passion and or purpose it eats at you when you’re not pursuing it. Your soul isn’t at rest when you’re not pursuing your passion. I believe it to be an internal check and balance for whatever and whoever we’e meant to be on this earth.

I’ve even met a woman who was a top executive for Bank of America. She left that position making well over 100k a year. She is now a successful real estate agent and the President of the Rhode Island Black Business Association. She advocated for workers, and entrepreneurs throughout the state of Rhode Island.

Then there are those who we see in every day life, passionless or so it seems. They lack drive, and ambition. They have no desire to explore what they could accomplish or explore their full potential.
Some of these people want to do this and that but never take the first step to do so.

If you’re reading this and you know someone who fits into the “walking dead” description, send some encouragement their way.

If you feel you’re stuck in life, barely moving and feel you are the walking dead, I want to breathe some life into you by saying make today different, take action, take steps to create the life you want and deserve.
We only have one life, make the best of it. Fill it with happiness, productivity, love and elevation.
Don’t continue to let life pass you by, take control.
Don’t waste another minute being, the walking dead.

Alexis Pettway